Foreword by Peter Swinnen, the ISCM President

The International Society for Contemporary Music, established in 1922, has since grown into becoming the biggest organisation promoting contemporary music worldwide, regardless of aesthetics, geographical region or culture. As such, it embraces the rich diversity of musical expressions that can be found on our planet. Of its many activities, the annual World Music Days festival, taking place in a different country each year, is probably the best known.

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Foreword by Dr. Lo Hau-man, the Chairman of Hong Kong Composers’ Guild

With the experience of organizing the 1988, 2002 and 2007 ISCM WMD (World Music Days), this year the Hong Kong Composers’ Guild, which represents the ISCM Hong Kong section, is pleased to organize our annual Musicarama Music Festival, which boasts a history of more than two decades, with ISCM elements to become an ISCM-Musicarama, which is in parallel with the annual World Music Day. The four-day mini festival will feature works from over the world in four concerts and one Composers’ Forum.  The concerts will be performed by the overseas Taipei Chamber Singers and Ensemble Kochi (Japan), joining forces with the local Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra Ensemble, Hong Kong New Music Ensemble and Global Symphony Orchestra.

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Foreword by Dr. Joshua Chan, Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Although contemporary arts music may sound strange to many listeners of the general public, it means a lot to our fellow composers who treat music creativity seriously. Some composers believe the contemporary musical language is an excellent vehicle to express the most profound feeling from their heart, and some do not see music as just a means of entertainment but a tool to challenge one’s wisdom. We have met many composers around the world sharing the similar belief, especially via the network of the ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music). Providing this opportunity for international composers to showcase their works of new creativity would enable some meaningful exchange of ideas among composers and the audiences. This kind of exchange would hopefully encourage more people to create and appreciate new music.

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